I’m IN! I want to go to Israel and cross it off my bucket list!

Visit the Holy Land of


Your life and ministry will never be the same!

Bethsaida and Chorazin
Caesarea Maritima
Caesarea Philippi
City of David
Ein Gedi
Garden of Gethsemane
Golan Heights
“…After going to Israel, walking where Jesus walked, and finally seeing illustrations of the stories I have been reading for years, I now read my Bible with a renewed understanding of scripture and a new found appreciation for Israel and its’ people… this tour is a must see for every Christian and anyone who wants to see the Bible come alive.” Sharla
“…It was an amazing experience seeing ruins and spots where Jesus had walked or where Paul had been jailed. I'll never forget the moment we had at the Mount of Beatitudes where we prayed at the same place Jesus delivered the sermon on the Mount. I'll definitely look forward to going back again in the future." Jabelle
"Touring Israel was the experience of a lifetime and I’ll cherish and remember it forever! It is a must-do and see for all pastors and Christian leaders alike." Heather

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